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Revolutionize your classroom with the latest in educational technology. As Pune’s leading digital board dealer, we bring you the Benchmark MaxPro 13 – the ultimate solution for interactive teaching.

Benchmark MaxPro 13: The Best Digital Board for Educators

Upgrade your classroom with the Benchmark MaxPro 13. This cutting-edge digital board offers high-resolution display, interactive touch screen, built-in educational software, and a durable design, making it perfect for today’s dynamic teaching environments.

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We are more than just a digital board dealer. We provide comprehensive services, including installation, training, and ongoing support, ensuring that educators can fully utilize their digital boards to enhance learning.

Why Choose the Benchmark Maxpro 13?

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Key Features of the Benchmark Maxpro 13

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The Importance of Digital Boards in Modern Education

Digital boards have revolutionized the way education is delivered, offering numerous benefits that traditional teaching methods cannot match. Here are some reasons why digital boards are essential in today's educational landscape:

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As a trusted dealer of digital boards in Pune, we are committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping educators find the perfect digital board solution for their needs.


What makes the Benchmark Maxpro 13 suitable for educators?

The Benchmark Maxpro 13 is designed with educators in mind, offering an intuitive interface, advanced features, and robust durability to withstand daily classroom use.

How does the multi-touch screen benefit classroom activities?

The multi-touch screen supports up to 10 touch points simultaneously, allowing for collaborative activities and interactive learning, which enhances student engagement.

Can the Benchmark Maxpro 13 be used for remote learning?

Yes, the Benchmark Maxpro 13 is equipped with features that facilitate remote learning, making it easy for educators to conduct virtual classes and reach students beyond the classroom.

What connectivity options are available with the Benchmark Maxpro 13?

The Benchmark Maxpro 13 offers multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and wireless connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with other devices and platforms.

Is the Benchmark Maxpro 13 energy-efficient?

Yes, the Benchmark Maxpro 13 is designed with energy-saving features, helping to reduce operational costs while providing high-quality performance.


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