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We Have All Type of Studio Setup. On Your Demand

In the right studio setup, even the "Ordinary" can become "Extraordinary"

पुरे भारत में हमने 3500+ से ज्यादा Studio's Setup किये है , अगर आपको Studio की Requirement है और आप Studio Setup नहीं करवा पा रहे तो आप Studio Rent पर भी ले सकते है, हम आपको On Demand Studio Setup करके देंगे आपके Confort और Requirement के According.

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Online Teaching Studio Setup Complete Process

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Premium Accostics Soundproofing Studio कैसे बनते है

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Transform Your BEDROOM Into a STUDIO

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Low Cost Online Class Studio Setup

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Studio Setup for Teaching Online

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Experience Center for Creators

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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Studio on Rent

Are you an artist, photographer, filmmaker, or content creator seeking the perfect space to bring your vision to life? Look no further than Studio on Rent, your dedicated partner in unleashing your creative potential.

About Studio on Rent:

At Studio on Rent, we understand that the right setting can make all the difference in your creative endeavors. Our studio spaces are thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of artistic projects, from photography and film production to art exhibitions and beyond.

Why Choose Studio on Rent:

Our studio facilities offer versatile spaces for your imagination. You can customize layouts and equipment options, creating the perfect environment for your project. We provide state-of-the-art equipment, from high-resolution cameras to professional lighting setups, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. Our studios are conveniently located in the heart of [Your City], easily accessible to save you time and effort. We believe in making creativity accessible, which is why we offer competitive pricing packages suitable for both seasoned professionals and budding artists. Our professional support team is dedicated to assisting you at every step of your creative journey, whether you need technical guidance or help with setup.

Endless Possibilities:

Studio on Rent offers the ideal backdrop for capturing the perfect shot, creating compelling videos, hosting workshops, or exhibiting your art. The possibilities are endless, and the creative freedom is yours to explore.

Book Your Studio Today:

Don't let your creativity be limited by inadequate spaces or equipment. Studio on Rent is here to empower your artistic aspirations. Book your studio today and embark on a journey of creative excellence. Unleash your imagination, ignite your passion, and create your masterpiece with Studio on Rent. Your creative vision, our inspiring space!

Benchmark Technomate

Youtube Studio

"Transform your ideas into captivating content in your well-equipped YouTube studio, where innovation meets inspiration, and your creativity shines."

Benchmark Technomate

Virtual Class Studio

"Transform your virtual class into an immersive studio with cutting-edge technology. Elevate online learning with our virtual class studio solutions."

Benchmark Technomate

Hybrid Class Studio

"Experience the future of education with our Hybrid Class Studio, where in-person and online learning seamlessly converge for an enriched educational experience. Discover the best of both worlds in one innovative space."

Benchmark Technomate

Accoustic Studio

"Experience superior sound quality in our top-notch acoustic studio – where music truly comes to life."

Benchmark Technomate

Conference Studio

"Elevate your meetings and presentations in our modern conference studio – where ideas take center stage."

Benchmark Technomate

Podcast Studio

"Unleash your voice in our podcast studio – where stories find their voice."

Benchmark Technomate

Voice Recording Studio

"Capture the essence of your voice in our premier recording studio, where perfection meets passion."

Benchmark Technomate

Live Class Recording Studio

"Master the art of online education with our Live Class Recording Studio – where knowledge is preserved in high definition."

Type of Lecture Recording Studio

Type of Lecture Recording Studio


Traditional Lecture Recording Studio Records live lectures
Remote Lecture Recording Studio Records lectures remotely
Flipped Classroom Recording Studio Creates pre-class content
Small Studio for Individual Instructors For individual instructors
Professional Video Recording Studio High-quality video production
Interactive Whiteboard Studio Interactive multimedia lectures
Science or Lab Lecture Recording Studio Records scientific experiments
Webinar Recording Studio Records live webinars
Art and Design Lecture Recording Studio Records visual arts lectures
Multimedia Production Studio Comprehensive multimedia content
Language Learning Studio Recording for language instruction
Green Screen Studio Background replacement for videos
Virtual Reality (VR) Lecture Recording Studio Immersive VR content

Type of Teaching Studio

Type of Teaching Studio


Traditional Classroom Studio Standard classroom for lectures
Computer Lab Studio Equipped with computers for tech.
Art Studio For creative disciplines
Science Laboratory Studio For conducting experiments
Language Lab Studio Language learning and practice
Music Studio Teaching and practicing music
Dance Studio For dance instruction and practice
Yoga and Fitness Studio Physical education and fitness
Home Economics Studio Cooking, sewing, life skills
Media Production Studio Film, photography, multimedia
Medical Simulation Studio Healthcare education and practice
Virtual Teaching Studio Online teaching and video conferencing
Maker Space or Fab Lab Studio Hands-on projects and technology
STEM Studio Science, tech, engineering, math
Outdoor Environmental Education Studio Outdoor and environmental education
Business and Entrepreneurship Studio Business and market analysis
Theater and Performing Arts Studio Drama, acting, theater production
Distance Learning Studio Remote and online learning

Benchmark Online Teaching Studio's on Your Demand - Launch Offer (Save Upto 80%)

Rent Your Studio At:

₹9999 ₹1999/Lecture

Launch in

  • days
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अभी कॉल करे और Prebook करे और पाए 8०% तक की छूट

पुरे भारत में हमने 3500+ से ज्यादा Studio's Setup किये है , अगर आपको Studio की Requirement है और आप Studio Setup नहीं करवा पा रहे तो आप Studio Rent पर भी ले सकते है, हम आपको On Demand Studio Setup करके देंगे आपके Confort और Requirement के According.

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Benefits of Studio Setup

Studio setups offer pro-quality, creative control, consistency, versatility, and weather independence for efficient, cost-effective content creation.

Professional Quality

A studio setup ensures professional-grade equipment and lighting, allowing for high-quality photography and video production.

Creative Control

Studios provide a controlled environment where you can manipulate lighting, backgrounds, and props to achieve the desired creative effect.


Studio setups offer consistent and predictable conditions, essential for product photography, fashion shoots, and video content with uniform aesthetics


Studios can be adapted to suit various needs, from portrait photography to product shots, making them versatile spaces for diverse projects.

Time and Cost Efficiency

With everything at your fingertips, studio setups save time on location scouting and reduce costs associated with travel and outdoor shoots.


Studios are immune to weather conditions, making them ideal for projects that can't be delayed due to rain, wind, or other external factors.

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