Talking Books For Kids

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Get kids excited about reading with Purple Turtle and his friends!

This series contains 36 super fun stories that are written by world-class authors, graded into three levels. Engaging, colourful illustrations make these stories fun to read. Talking Books and Pen Combo will help you use multi-sensory methods to teach reading such as music, dialogues, fun prompts etc. making learning English more exciting and meaningful for every child.

Why You Need the Talking Pen & Graded Readers Combo?

  • Language & Literacy
  • Better Retention & Enhanced Focus
  • Creative and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Listening Skills & Better Pronunciation

How to Use the Talking Pen

Just point the pen on a word/paragraph or a picture of the book, and the pen will read aloud the text or the characters' dialogues like magic! Plus, you can record your own voice and compare with the model pronunciation, learn the spoken language's perfect style, diction from a native speaker from the USA!

The 36 story books are evaluated & graded using two of the most trusted reading-level classification systems

Lexile: An algorithm that scores texts based on vocabulary and sentence length, determining which texts are suitable for students.

ATOS: The formula which measures texts based on average sentence length, average word length in number of letters, word difficulty level, and total number of words to find books most appropriate for a child's level.

Why wait? Give your kids the ultimate learning advantage with a fun educational fictional character and a magic pen that speaks.Order now!